Costa Rica Trip 2018

May 31-June 6


Location: Just Outside San Jose (capital of Costa Rica)


Per Person Cost Estimation: $1350 (all-inclusive except for tourism)


What We Will Do:

VBS with local children

Work In Children's Homes

Light Construction

One Day Of Tourism


Trip Leader:  Christine Meads-


Optional Personal Costs:

-2 Airport meals in transit to/from San Jose

-Tourism/free day expenses

-All personal incidentals

-Trip/Health Insurance


Payment and Organizational Schedule:

November 12-Sign-Up For Those Interested At Mission Fair

December 3- Trip Interest Meeting at 5pm in Jared’s Office (get more information and questions answered)

January 7- $250 deposit due to officially sign-up

February 4- First Team Planning Meeting 4:30pm and $250 payment due

March 4- $250 payment due 

April 8-  Second Team Meeting -$250 payment due

May 6- $250 payment due

May 20- Final Team Meeting- $100 balance due (all packing and final planning covered)


Note: Bulk payment is optional.  All checks should be made to FBCRR and turned in to trip lead.  Credit card payments are an option.  Monies used for airfare become non-refundable after purchase of such.