Disciple Now 2018

February 16-18

Disciple Now is a weekend retreat for students, grades 7-12, where students stay in host homes across the area divided by grade and gender, coming together all weekend for worship and teaching, fun and games, meals, and mission projects.

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“Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul...”
Acts 4:32



Look around. In our culture today, there is more division than there is unity. Some division is trivial. Some is life changing. And yet, into this landscape, the Gospel speaks a profound truth: in Christ, we are united. We are together.

Do students know the difference between friendship and fellowship? Are we unified with one another, regardless of our differences, by a common love for Christ? Have we created a safe place where others feel valued and cared for? What if we lead out into culture, as one, motivated by the mission of advancing the Gospel?

TOGETHER we will explore the power of a Christ-centered community.


Small Group Bible Study

At the center of the weekend are small group lessons led by college and adult leaders in our host homes.


Worship and Teaching

D-Now students will come together throughout the weekend to be challenged and equipped through meaningful worship and applicable teaching.