We want to help you teach your child to start thinking about being mission minded early in life.

Missions is:

  • I lifestyle of serving Jesus and others.
  • Anything we do to tell about Jesus.
  • Anything we do to serve others.
  • A daily choice to look beyond ourselves and our family needs and schedules, to see and take opportunities for serving others.

Simply:  Missions is learning about Jesus, doing what HE did for others and telling others about Him.

There is a book that is available to help you on this journey.  It is available in the preschool hallway and they are free to preschool families.  It is called:  Families on Mission, Ideas for Teaching your Preschooler to Love, Share and Care).  It is written by Angie Quantrell.

Each chapter of the book is about a different Mission Emphasis.  We will focus on one each month.  

This Month, the Emphasis is:  My World - Operation Christmas Child

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know.

Tracey:  tmayo@fbcrr.org