February 3-5

DISCIPLE NOW 2017: Here you will find all relevant information for leaders and host homes.

Leader's FIRST MEETING: Friday (2/3) at 3:00PM in the FBCRR Student Area.

Host Homes: Join us at 5:30pm upstairs

Our theme for the weekend is “Fearless” drawing from 2 Timothy 1:7. You’ll be leading students through 4 small group lessons where Jesus’ life modeled for us what it means to be fearless, or to be bold in the face of whatever it is in their life (insecurities, doubt, rejection, expectations) that hinder their walk with Jesus.  In almost countless ways, fear can keep us from being all that God has called us to be. The problem with this is, of course, that God has called us to face our fears and lean-in to who He desires us to be. Scripture is clear: God empowers us to meet the tasks He’s set in front of us.



All 4 LESSONS can be found below, in web format as well as PDF and Word.

You may choose to go ahead and print copies so you can highlight, mark, and prepare.  We'll also have some printed copies for you when you arrive, if you want to study in digitally.  The students will have the student books referenced in these lessons. 

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      Below is Google Map of our host homes, and blue markers for specific mission projects locations.  See Handout for which mission project your home is assigned.