God Stories Archive

God Can use Accidents to Open our Eyes to Our Need for Him

A Divine Appointment

God Led a Stranger Who needed Help to Us

God Blessed Me Through Vandalism

God Answers Prayer for Angels

Following God’s Prompting

God Guides Us What to Pray For

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Miracle Eyeglasses

God Shows his Love Through Others

God Opens the Door to Witness to our Neighbor

Heavenly Peace During Earthly Chaos

God Can Guide Cows

J. Finds Healing - God is Truth

Finding God's Presence in the Ordinary

God Cares about His Children's Needs

God Loves to Bless a Giver

Except for Answered Prayer, I Should be Dead!

God Used My Father’s Death to Save Members of Our Family

She Broke the Law and Survived

Two Car Accidents – Blessings in Disguise

Only by the Hand of God

Kaidence – Upheld with God’s Righteous Hand

God’s Plan -- Far Better Than My Plan

Pity Parties Don’t Include Ice Cream

God Prepares the Way

God Cared about MY Summer Job

Failure Opened the Door

God Meets our NEEDS, in HIS Timing

Flexibility Required!

First the Desire, then the Opportunity

Missionary calling? – God Overcame Barriers!

Broken Motorbike = 'Chance'  meeting

Trust and Obey – Healing Happens!

God Chooses Leaders

God Directs our Paths in Mysterious Ways

Town Drunk Prevents Robbery

One Smart Donkey

God Has a Plan for Every Child

A Remarkable God Knows Our Needs

God Loves Orphans

Open Doors

God’s Surprising Will

God Clears the Obstacles

God's Perfect Timing

God Shows Up at a Craft Fair

Lost Phone Leads to Witnessing Opportunity

God Can Work Out the Details

Miraculous Phone Calls

God’s Solution was Amazing!

God Led Us to a Specific Van

God Knows our Needs Before We Do