IN GUATEMALA (June 10-18, 2017)

HFHWC Global Village team going to Solola, Guatemala in June 2017!  We will be staying in Panajachel and building stoves as well as a house in and around Solola.

Team Leaders:  Debbie Hoffman and Linda Sloan

Team Member Fee:  $1100 (may be less depending on number of team members; total due April 1, 2017) + airfare + personal shopping

Team Member application deadline: March 1, 2017

General Information:

·         in the mountains about 8000 feet above sea level; 55—75 average temperature

·         Housing in hotels with 2-3 persons per room

·         work includes:  moving cinder block, sand and/or gravel; bending and cutting; cutting and tying wire; interacting/sharing your faith with the families with whom we are building, the masons who lead the teams, the neighbors as well as locals near and around the hotels in which we stay


Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about any of these projects.  You may call or email, whichever is best for you.  Then we can set up a time to talk face-to-face.

Debbie Hoffman | debbieh@WilliamsonHabitat.org