London Mission Trip 2018

July 27-August 4


Trip Leader:

Kirk Wooldridge


Who Should Come: 

-People willing to start conversations with strangers

-People healthy enough to walk quite a bit on the streets of London


Partners We’ll Work With:

Local Pastor Steve Messersmith (Chiswick Baptist Church in London)

IMB Missionaries in London


What We’ll Do:

-VBS for our partner church in the mornings

-Street engagement in the afternoons

-Acts Of Service For Our IMB Missionaries

-1.5 days tourism in London Area


Per Person Cost Estimation (may be adjusted due to airfare):

Airfare: $1200

Hotel: $800 (7 nights x $115 per night based on single occupancy)

Meals While in London: $325 (19 meals x $15 plus 15% for tips)

Oyster Tube Card (subway travel): $125

Miscellaneous Expenses: $50

Total: $2475


Payment and Organizational Schedule:

November 12-Sign-Up For Those Interested 

December 3- Trip Interest Meeting at 5pm in Jared’s Office (get more information and questions answered)

January 14- $500 deposit due to officially sign-up

February 4- First Team Planning Meeting 4:30pm and $400 payment due

March 4- $300 payment due 

April 1-  Second Team Meeting -$300 payment due

May 6- $300 payment due

June3- Third Team Meeting- $300 payment due 

July 15- Final Team Meeting...Dinner at 6pm and $375 remaining balance due (all packing and final planning covered)

Note: Bulk payment is always optional.  All checks should be made to FBCRR and turned into trip lead.  Credit card payments are an option.  Monies used for airfare purchase become non-refundable after purchase of such.  


Optional Personal Costs:

Mission Trip Attendees are paying out of pocket for:

-2 Airport meals in transit to/from London

-Tourism/free day expenses

-All personal incidentals

-Trip/Health Insurance


The Need: The latest statistics show that 98 percent of Londoners in their 20’s and 30’s have never even met a Christian. The need is great for the gospel to spread in London.  


Additional Trip Facts:

-We will stay at a budget hotel to keep our costs as low as they are…not fancy, but clean

-We will get approximately 1.5 days for tourism.  You can go wherever you want.

-We may never step foot in a vehicle the entire time we are there…all “tube” travel


The Kind Of Person Who Should Attend This Trip:

-Feels led by God to come…not coming because it’s London (cool place)

-Bold in initiating conversation with people they don’t know

-Can handle being blown off or rejected

-Can roll with the flow and handle last minute changes by missionary

-Someone who feels comfortable transitioning a topic of conversation towards God

-Can walk a LOT

-Someone who can feel content with obedience and not necessary visible result from evangelism


Take a look below at our pics from last year's trip.