FBCRR's media archive is available in podcast format.

If you are familiar with podcasts, simply click the Podcast button to subscribe to our podcast in your favorite audio program or RSS reader.

If you are new to podcasts, please read further for more information.

What is a podcast?

Podcasting is a new way for content providers to publish their audio content on the Internet.  Podcasts can be played on almost any computer or portable media player, such as an iPod.

Similar to a magazine subscription, users "subscribe" to a podcast, and then each time new content is made available, it is delivered directly to their computer.  This provides many benefits compared to requiring the user to go to a web site and download the content themselves.  Most podcasts, including Hyde Park's, are available free of charge.

Podcasting is based on a technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication).  Many news sites and blogs, for instance, take advantage of RSS news "feeds" because it allows them to deliver their content directly to a user's desktop.

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

First of all, you will need software* capable of receiving podcasts.  Apple's popular music application  iTunes (Windows, Mac) is an excellent choice, especially if you already own an iPod.  You may also use a standard RSS reader application, such as GreatNews (Windows) or NetNewsWire (Mac).  Online RSS readers such as Google Reader, NewsGator, and Bloglines also achieve the same functionality with the added benefit of being accessible from any Internet-connected computer.

Once you have chosen your means of using podcasts, then you can subscribe to ours by simply putting our podcast URL in your podcast software.

  1. Right-click the "Podcast" button at the top of this page, and click "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer), "Copy Link Location" (Firefox), or "Copy Link" (Safari).
  2. Paste the link into your podcast software per the following instructions.
    1. iTunes: Click Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast
    2. GreatNews: Click Feed -> Add -> Feed
    3. NetNewsWire: Click the "+" button in the top left corner
    4. Google Reader: Click "Add Subscription"
    5. NewsGator: Click "Add Feeds"
    6. Bloglines: Click "Add" on Feeds tab

That's it!  You will automatically receive all programs currently in our media library, as well as any future programs that we add.

* There are many more options available to receive podcasts than the ones listed here; these are just a handful of the more popular solutions.  FBCRR is not affiliated with any of these applications/services and neither endorses nor provides technical support for them.