Prayer Groups

All prayer groups very much desire your participation. 

Worship Prayer Ministry:  Meets during every Sunday worship service in room B-105.  Each participant meets with one or two others once every three months.

The focus is praying for God’s spirit to move in the heart of visitors and members during each worship service.  For more information see:

Call to Prayer: Discontinued for the summer.  May resume in the fall if there is sufficient interest.

Was each Sunday at 4:45 pm in Room B-105.

The focus of this group is praying for the church and its various ministries.

7:14 Prayer: Each Monday at 7 pm in the Brown House

The focus of this group is to pray for revival and spiritual awakening for the nation.  It is based on God’s promise in 2 Ch. 7:14.

Men’s Prayer meeting: Each Tuesday at 6 am in the Lane house.

The focus of this group is praying for the individuals who request prayer.  You can send YOUR prayer requests on the Prayer Requests page.