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God’s Witness to My Spirit -2015

(Rom 8:16 [NET])  The Spirit himself bears witness to our spirit that we are God’s children.

This journal shows some examples of how God’s spirit witnesses to Christa’s spirit and the benefits of journaling to encourage a deeper faith.


I saw God working today by hearing how He placed one friend with a specific woman through the Home-bound Ministry. At the funeral of the woman who had been home-bound, I got to hear poetry written by both women. The sermon I heard talked about us being God's workmanship (in Greek: poema). We are God's poetry. Songs on the radio after the funeral reminded me of her and her legacy. When I got home, a magnet at eye-level on the refrigerator had the same verse from the sermon at the funeral. Wow! I had an urging to remember my own poetry - and allow God to use it through sharing it.

God connected all these events together today.


It can be hard going to a conference where you feel like you don't belong. It's hard every time someone asks, “Where you are working?”, and you say you aren't currently working in the field. It's hard getting odd looks when you mention you were led to home-school your children. Then God sends reminders that I am not alone. Two presenters mentioned home-schooling or working with home-schoolers. There were some supportive people in the exhibit hall (working at the booths). I even met another mother who stopped working to raise her children.

 Thank you, God, for reassurance.

4/2/15, 4/6/15, and 4/14/15

4/2: I don't know if it was God’s prompting, but I was thinking about a friend at the top of the heart transplant list who had only one more day on the list (4/3/15), and still no new heart.  We hoped for one with ACL the first time he was at the top of the list and for one with SXSW this time at the top. Then, it was as if I heard: "Of course not now; that would be too easy to call a coincidence. He's going to act in His own timing, so His glory will be recognized."

4/6: I kept hearing the same message repeated about my friend that I heard on 4/2/15. I shared the message with another friend who was asking God the same kind of questions. I was feeling more confident that it was from God because I'd heard it more than once, on different occasions.

4/14: Today, a heart donor match was found! Our friend went into surgery at 5 p.m. We got the blessing of helping by caring for their three children for most of the day.

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness.


Last night, I started praying about a specific situation. I asked God to speak to me about it. I admit, I doubted He'd be able to use the Bible book that I was reading (the book of Luke) to address this situation, but boy was I wrong! He spoke to me and gave me an abundance!

          1.  He spoke through verses in the children's devotional (in Romans)

          2.  He spoke through verses posted by friends on Facebook (in Isaiah, Psalm 26:3, in 1 Corinthians)

          3.  "It is Well with My Soul" is the chorus that I sang aloud this morning, which was then repeated sporadically through the day by my son.  When I opened the hymnal to find it, a song based on Psalm 26:3 was on the adjacent page.

He did not reveal a solution or outcome, but He told me not to fear, that He was with me, and gave me some clues about how I am to behave.  He also gave me some clues about things that will happen in the future.

I thank my Provider who causes my cup to overflow.


Three days ago, we bought a new vehicle. At the first dealership, the price was too high, the monthly payments were too high, and the trade-in offer was too low. At the next dealership, someone my husband used to work with helped us. The price was $7000 less. The monthly payments were $100 less. The trade-in offer was $800 more. We were the salesperson's first sale, on her fourth day on the job.

We believe God set it all up - for us and for her.


I was reading Aesop's Fables to the kids and trying to explain the morals of the stories. I felt like I was failing miserably and just confusing them more. I said a quick prayer and then Bible story examples and verses began flooding my mind, including examples from our Bible readings together this morning, and the church's Christmas pageant this past weekend. I definitely think the kids then understood the morals and what I was trying to convey.

Christa S – Selected examples of how God’s spirit has witnessed to her spirit (Rom. 8:16)