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God does a MIRACLE!

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

 I just had to share this wonderful news about Al Reynolds. Al is the doctor that made the medical mission trip with us to Liberia in 2014.  Earl and Esther Worthington are friends in Georgia that we mention fairly often.  They attend the same church that Dr. Reynolds attends.


 Gene and Cliff Hobbs

 On 21 Sep 2018, at 2:38 AM, Al Reynolds

 Hello friends.

As many of you may remember, in April of 2017, the prayers of many people were answered as my renal function tests came back completely normal after several years of progressively worsening to the point that I was in moderate renal failure, anticipating the need for dialysis or a renal transplant.  I was amazed that God performed such a miracle in me.  As a doctor, I understand that renal function does not simply go from renal failure to normal overnight without a miracle.

 Now I feel that I will burst if I don't tell some of God's people that He has done it again!  I have a long history of enlarging renal cysts.  One on my right kidney was the size of a softball and three on the left kidney that, when combined, were even a little larger than on the right.  I had not had another ultrasound of the kidneys since the recovery of the kidney function in 2017.  I did have one today and it shows that both kidneys are completely normal!  No cysts at all!  

 I found it interesting to read my radiology report as the radiologist was documenting the disappearance of large renal cysts.  That is something that just does not happen.  He said, “Even though the previous study suggested a 10-cm cystic lesion in the upper pole of the right kidney, this is not identified in the current study.  The left kidney also demonstrates the disappearance of three cysts described in the earlier study.  This is somewhat unusual."  I guess somewhat unusual is as close as he could get to saying it was a miracle!

 It seems that when God healed my kidney function in April of 2017, He must have taken away the large renal cysts at the same time.  I just wish I had done an ultrasound at the time to document it earlier.  After the ultrasound today, I went to my truck, overcome with emotion as I considered how great is our God and that He chose to heal me.

Feel free to spread the word with others. 

Our God still does miracles!

 He is Amazing!

 Al Reynolds