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Miraculous Phone Calls

In 2003 I headed to Piedras Negras with a mission group. I was in an open truck loaded to the gills with mission donations, equipment and luggage. We were one of several vehicles. We stopped for lunch at a small TX town, parking our vehicles on the street, had lunch, then went on to the border. Before we crossed the border we all parked on the outer fringes of an HEB to do final shopping before we crossed the border.

 When we got to our motel, I went to look in the truck for my suitcase but there was no suitcase. So, either someone removed it while we were parked, which had never happened before on other trips, or it was never put in the truck at all. My cell phone was supposed to work across the border but on all other trips I was never able to call out of Mexico. Nevertheless, I went to the balcony of the motel and called my husband to see if he had put it in the truck. To my surprise my call went through! He said he had been busy helping load donations and had forgotten to load my suitcase. The next day we were going to do an all-day medical mission. By the end of the day we would all be hot and dirty and ready for a shower and clean clothing. I was not happy!

I knew one couple still in Austin who were leaving for the border about the time I was calling him.  I told him I would try to catch them and ask them to pick my suitcase up at his work location, because it was still in his car.  I called her number and was amazed again that the call went through. She agreed to pick it up. One more call back to my husband to watch for the couple picking up the suitcase went through too! I called my friend once more just to say thank you, but no more calls went through! I tried to call out other times that weekend, but was never able to get a connection! Luck? No, God did it. He blessed us many, many times on these trips.

 Linda S. - 2003