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Crisis means ‘Happy Ending’

 Varney Freeman, our mission partner in Liberia suffered a setback in the fall of 2016. The used pickup truck purchased in 2011 for Varney’s ministry (mostly from funds from First Baptist Church, Round Rock and First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia) died. The truck had already been given several repair jobs, but the engine quit. Varney sought another pickup.

 A deacon in Maryland offered to buy Varney a pickup, but could not pay for duty and freight to get the vehicle to Varney in Liberia. The decision was made for Varney to look for a pickup in Liberia to purchase.

 Later, Varney found a suitable pickup in Monrovia and placed a $1000.00 deposit on the vehicle with funds from a Liberian supporter. He then contacted the donor in Maryland to tell him that he had found a truck, assuming that the donor could send the money to finish paying for it.

 The donor responded that he and his church had wanted to surprise Varney, and had already shipped the pickup with duty and transportation prepaid.  Varney would have no costs to get it out of customs when it reached Liberia.

 Varney now had one pickup on the way, and a deposit on a second one with no funds to pay for it. Help from several individuals and churches came in, and purchase of the second pickup was completed. This crisis turned into a blessing!  When Varney was away working with pastors, or away for other reasons, there was no transportation available at the school for an emergency if a child became ill-- or for any other need that arose.

 Availability of a second pickup for the school and church planting ministry has created more flexibility for the school and church planting efforts.

 Cliff H. – Fall 2016