The 2019 Men's Retreat was a great time for fellowship, spiritual growth and relaxation. The worship time was lead by Tim Darst and it is always awesome to be in room filled with men sing praises to God. We took a new look at the Sermon on the Mount. We were challenged to live for audience of One, invite hope into the present, to release today's possessions and tomorrow's worries and to seek His Kingdom today.  One of the best parts were after the retreat was the time after the message where the men gathered together and dug deeper into the Word and had a chance to get to know each other better. It was great to see men fellowshiping together also whether it was around the fire pit at night, at the gun range or just in the meeting room during down time. Other men were able to just step back and relax by sitting by the lake, fishing in the lake or just going back to the cabin and taking a nap. There were many memories made over the weekend and I know we all left the retreat energized to continue our spiritual journey and grow in Christ.

Click the videos below to hear each session from our 2019 Men’s Retreat.