Adult Wednesday Bible Study

The Book of Acts: Toward Being A Missional Church

This discussion-oriented study of the book of Acts led by Larry Stehr, our Minister of Discipleship, focuses on what we can learn from the early Christian’s about how to grow toward being a missional church. The base outline for the study is material developed by GC2 Press (Baptistway Press).

The study is organized along the line of the growth of the early church as outlined in Acts 1:8. As we move through Acts we will take a different approach focusing more on how our church and our lives can move to be more missional rather than just looking at the Peter's or Paul’s missionary journeys.

Together we will explore the broader questions of how does the church grow and strengthen itself? We will look at the church moving outward from it's base in Jerusalem and reaching new peoples with the gospel. Finally, we will take a dive into how is the church on mission to world and what role do I play in that mission with Christ and the Holy Spirit?

We meet at 6:00 pm in the Parlor. The first 10 to fifteen minutes are given to just asking questions, eating a brown bag supper, or getting the kids settled in their programs. We really get started at 6:15 pm and try to finish about 7:15 pm to allow some time for prayer, fellowship, and a chance to chat before our children’s programs finish for the evening.

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