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 Alaska Mission Trip Completed

July 28th - August 3rd, 2019

 Alaska Village Missions/ Alaska Bible Institute

Let me first introduce our Alaska Mission Team: Terry & Wyatt Page, George Teske, Kim, Steve & Jonah Winter, as well as my wife, Jenni & myself, Tim Darst.

Getting on the flight from Austin in route to Alaska I could not contain the excitement that I had to work for the Alaskan Bible Institute and see God’s great hand at work on the “last frontier”. When we arrived in Alaska it was very late, but as we drove I was looking to spot my first moose. Though we did not see a moose right away, we did get to see beautiful mountains and rivers which just reverberated within me that we serve a wonderful artist and creator, God.

When we reached the Alaskan Bible Institute we were greeted by the staff and the wonderful people we would be working with all week. I cannot speak highly enough of the kindness and generosity that was shown to our team during our time there. Throughout the week our team worked so hard to help accomplish the many tasks set before us. Kirk Wooldridge could not have put together a better team with so many God-given talents and abilities. Steve was given the task of many IT jobs that needed to be taken on in order for the fall semester of classes to start. Jonah Winter became the jack of all trades from installing electronic door locks, hanging a grid ceiling to doing just about anything that was thrown his way. Kim Winter and my lovely wife, Jenni, worked so hard to make sure that the apartments we were working on had the walls scraped, primed and painted. While this may not seem like too difficult of a task, try painting every day for 7-8 hours, five days in a row. My hat goes off to them for their hard work and determination. They were able to do all of this in a two-story apartment so a family would be able to move in the next week. George Teske was given the task of putting together what seemed to be the biggest puzzle of bunk bed pieces for the students to have beds to sleep in the upcoming semester. If you ever need someone to take on a task with no instructions and have it still turn out beautifully, George is your man. Terry & Wyatt Page are a father-son duo that worked incredibly hard on rebuilding a large outdoor wooden deck, stretching and installing carpet and putting the finishing touches on a stairwell for the dorms. I am so thankful I got to know these two men of God who not only worked hard, but kept everyone laughing. I was blessed with the job of installing many different types of electrical things. It was quite the shocking experience (pun intended) at first, but it was such a great learning and growing experience for me.

Each evening we were blessed with the opportunity to see all the beauty that God has made in Alaska, from seeing moose, bears, otters, seals, magpies, salmon and trout to hiking 13 miles up and down a glacier mountain.

I want to say thank you to our great church for praying for us as we traveled and served God in Alaska. It was truly a week of experiencing God that I will never forget.

To enjoy some of what we experienced click on the pictures below.