Experiencing God

Are you looking for more in your experience of God?

What if our spiritual community shared a common language and understanding on how we individually, and as a spiritual community, experienced God's invitation to join Him in His work in our lives, church and larger community. That is the thought behind a church wide family movement to study Experiencing God together.

The goal is simple: By December 2024 we desire to have a number of adults and students equal to or exceeding seventy-five percent of our average worship attendance having completed at least one Experiencing God course.

So if at the end of December 2024 our average worship attendance has reached 500 then we would hope that at least 375 individuals have taken and or led an Experiencing God course.

Some basic questions...

Why Experiencing God?

Whatever your present circumstance may be during this study you will be able to…

  • hear when God is speaking to you;
  • clearly identify His activity in your life;
  • believe Him to be and do in your life everything He has promised;
  • adjust your beliefs, character, and behavior to Him and His ways;
  • recognize a direction He is leading in your life and identify what He wants to do;
  • clearly know what you need to do in response to His activity in your life;
  • experience God accomplishing through you what only He can do!  Experiencing God, p. 9

How long does it take to complete an Experiencing God course?

The course involves 12 weekly small group meetings.  Each group meeting is preceded with five individual daily studies that range from 15 to 30 minutes on average.

Will we do this as a church body all at once in worship or our Biblical Community Groups?

The Experiencing God course is a discussion based small group experience that takes place over a ninety minute to two-hour time period.

After discussion with leadership and some feedback, rather than radically changing our schedule, we will be offering Experiencing God groups over the next seven semesters.  For example, our initial schedule of offering would look something like the following:

Fall 2022 ~ 9 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) = 98
Spring 2023 ~ 9 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) = 188
Summer 2023 ~ 6 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) = 248
Fall 2023 ~ 6 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) = 308
Spring 2024 ~ 4 Groups of 10 (avg group attendance) = 348
Summer 2024 ~ 2 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) – 368
Fall of 2024 ~ 3 Groups of 10 (avg. group attendance) 398
When will groups be offered and who will be leading?

Each semester we will publish a list of group days, meeting times.  The group leaders availability will influence the days, times and locations.

Our staff is committed to leading some of the groups each semester.  We will also be inviting some of our more popular Bible study leaders to step out of their normal teaching role and lead a group for a semester.

Here is an example of what the offerings for a semester might look like.

Example of Rolling Start (Sample Schedule)
  Week of  August 14, 2022 – Finish the week of October 30
    Tuesday – Day Group – Staff led
    Tuesday – Evening Group (Zoom) – Staff led
    Sunday- Afternoon Group – Staff led
  Week of August 28, 2022 – Finish the week of November 11
    Wednesday – Evening Group – Staff led
    Sunday – Evening Group (student) – Staff (Not Tim) led
    Thursday- Long lunch Group – Staff (Tim) led
  Week of September 11, 2022 – Finish November 27
    Wednesday – Evening Group – Volunteer led
    Monday – 6 AM Group – Staff/Volunteer led
    Sunday – Evening Group – Volunteer/Staff led
Cost and Group Dynamics?

Cost is certainly is a consideration, but will never limit anyone from participating.  So here are some things in addition to cost that you will want to know about participating in an Experiencing God group.

Basic Group Policies
  • Groups are limited to a max of 12 participants
  • Everyone must register for groups through the official church channel
  • Groups are considered closed after second session
  • Groups first two session are on campus
  • Session participants must have a personal workbook ($10 includes video access).  No cost books are available if needed.
  • For the protection of minors, groups meeting off campus cannot include minors or have on site childcare.
  • For the protection of minors, groups meeting on campus must adhere to all church policies related to minors.
  • Digital groups will be limited to 9 and all participants must have a camera and remain on screen.
  • Groups are not limited to church members.
  • Leadership material will be provided by the church.
  • Groups meeting time and location (see above)
  • At least one digital group will be offered each session through the fall of 2024.
  • Groups will have a rolling start each semester to accommodate the greatest number of participants with the schedule published a year in advance.
  • FBCRR Staff to lead a group at least twice a year.
  • A Biblical Community/Sunday School group can do the study on Sunday morning as a closed group, but must  fit with in the current schedule and child care available.
Sign-up for a Fall 2022 Experiencing God Group

Scheduled Groups

Fall 2022
Leader First NameLeader Last NameStart DateDayTimeLocation
BoFaulknerAugust 18Thursday10:00 AMChurch
LarryStehrAugust 16Tuesday7:00 PMOnline
TBAAugust 28
TBAAugust 28
DustinSlatonAugust 31Wednesday6:30 PM
Wednesday Bible Study
TomHearonSeptember 11Sunday9:45Church
DustinSlatonSeptember 11Sunday4:30 PMChurch
KirkWooldridgeSeptember 11Sunday4:30 PMChurch

Please note that if a group has fewer than five people register you will be given to opportunity to join an open group.

Open The Registration Form

Until then, if you have questions just contact Larry at 512-255-3454 or lstehr@fbcrr.org.

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