Family Matters: Motive and Opportunity

Family Matters

We are starting a new sermon series this month called Family Matters.  Family matters to God, therefore, the family should matter to us.  But matters of the family are some of the most difficult to deal with at times.  Marriage isn’t easy.  Neither is parenting.  Sadly, many people find their biggest hurts and anxieties stem from the relationships within the home.  Fortunately, the Bible gives clear instructions about how we should build and sustain our families.  In this five-week series, we will examine the makings of Godly marriages and the practicality of Biblical parenting. 

  • 1.
    Family Matters: Parenting Adult Children
  • 2.
    Family Matters: Connect and Correct
  • 3.
    Family Matters: Train Up a Child
  • 4.
    Family Matters: Submission God's Way
  • 5.
    Family Matters: Motive and Opportunity
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