Japan 2020 Mission Trip

Tentative Dates: (can vary slightly if airfare warrants)
Thursday, July 16-Friday, July 24

General Work/Thought Process:
-We will spend some time helping a local church our IMB team partners with putting on a Backyard Bible Club
-We will spend some time helping our IMB missionaries with the Olympics outreach efforts
-We will travel and work before the Olympics to hopefully save money on airfare….and then any team members wanting to stay in Japan for the Olympics can do so with their own funds.  

Estimated today at $2300 all-inclusive price (Approx. $1400 airfare, $900 in-country expenses)
-Includes all travel, all lodging, all meals, all tourism
-The only thing not included are incidentals (snacks, personal purchases)

Our Team:
Must have at least 4 people from FBCRR including trip leader for the trip to make

Our Lodging:
-TEAM Center.  Building designed to host mission teams.  Rooms with 2 beds and private showers.  Super nice and clean.  
-If our team is large enough, we may also stay in part of the apartment attached to our host church.  

Our Travel:
Flying from AUS to one of Tokyo’s two huge airports- Narita or Haneda 

Our Mission Field:
Tokyo- the largest city in the world.  Over 35 million in population.  
A very lost and numb people group towards the gospel.  Less than one half of one percent (.05) of Tokyo is Christian.  Missions in Japan is TOUGH and SLOW work.  Our missionaries see an average of one salvation a year.  

Basic Schedule Outline For Our Trip:
July 16- AM Departure from Austin
July 17- PM Arrival in Tokyo
July 18- Time Zone Acclimation Day/Tourism
July 19- Lead/Attend Church as a team
July 20- AM BackYard Bible Club
July 21- AM BackYard Bible Club
July 22- AM BackYard Bible Club/ PM Olympics Missions with IMB
July 23- Olympics Missions with IMB
July 24- AM Olympics Missions with IMB/PM Flight Home
July 24- Late Arrival Home in Austin

Ministry Partners/Descriptions:
Ministry Partners:
-Pastor Toranosuke Ishibash (“Pastor Tora”) with Akishima Megumi Church
-IMB Missionaries Mark/Mie Busy and Daniel/Tara Rice

Ministry Descriptions:
-Backyard Bible Club
Working at the park next to Akishima Megumi Church.  This church has about 15 people attending on an average Sunday, and most are senior adults.  The church currently has around 6 kids that come to the church, and the church has a prominent member that owns a private kindergarten with 150 kids.  The park next door to the church is also a big draw for young families.  We will conduct a BackYard Bible Club (scaled-down VBS) for 3 days in the park in partnership with this church.  

We will have a mixture of FBCRR team and leaders from Pastor Tora’s church working.  We will use things like inflatable bounce houses and water slides as a draw along with Rich Landry’s magic and Captain Escape routine.  Other traditional VBS style elements like crafts, games, snacks, music, and drama can be employed in our effort to communicate the gospel to these Japanese kids and their parents.  This likely will be an AM only effort with the PM utilized for preparation for the next day and possibly some free time and tourism.  We may also have an opportunity in the PM to do some work with furnishing and/or remodeling of the attached 3 bedroom apartment we discovered at Akishima Megumi Church.  This apartment can be used by our team and other mission teams coming in the future to help Akishima Megumi Church.

In the months leading up to the trip, we will coordinate with Pastor Tora about whether we or his church volunteers are assigned to various parts of the Backyard Bible Club preparation along with where the church is in the process of remodeling the attached apartment.  

-Olympics Missions:
We will be prepared to work in whatever way the IMB missionaries want to use us for the Olympics outreach, but here are their initial thoughts:

General Goal:
“As the IMB Tokyo Team, our ultimate goals for the Olympics are to utilize the events and excitement for the betterment of the Japanese church and believers. More specifically, we seek to connect Japanese individuals to God, to connect Japanese churches to each other, and to connect Japanese churches to the world. The ways we are going to accomplish these things are: prayer, training, and collaborative outreach events which will bring many Japanese churches together for the gospel.

Specific Initiatives:
We will be banding together with Japanese Christians to host a large outreach event code named "the ECHO project". This will include a large event space outside in a central location where we utilize stage performances, various sports activities, free coffee, and surveys to have gospel conversations with people which will hopefully lead to the gospel being heard thousands of times.

Before, during, and after the Olympics across Tokyo and Japan, churches will be hosting Open Crowd Festivals. These are scalable community festivals that facilitate the local church in getting outside the church building walls and into a visible and open opportunity to engage their communities. Each festival will be similar to what is typically referred to as a “block party” with a unified goal of creating community through celebration. These open crowd festivals utilize a U-shaped layout that invites the community to join in, while intentionally surrounding them with Christian love. Group activities are highlighted at the center of the U, while along the perimeter are booths with inflatables, face painting, cookie decorating, simple carnival games, bubbles, refreshments, sports challenges, and more! Through these activities, local Japanese get the opportunity to experience true Christian joy. 

We also will utilize the tradition of Olympic Pin Trading as a platform for evangelism as well as an opportunity to direct people to our main ministry events and locations.”