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Unceasing Prayer Movement

Our church is participating in the 24/7 Unceasing Prayer movement for the Austin Metroplex.  Our scheduled day of prayer is the 4th Thursday of each month and we still have times slots available.  It is for ½ hour and a list of things to pray for is provided. You can signup by clicking on the Signup Genius button below, then the Unceasing Prayer button.

If you would like join us in praying during our worship times at 9:45 and 11:00 AM you can RSVP by clicking on the SignUp Genius button and selecting the worship service for which you want to pray.

Worship Prayer Ministry Service Selection

Everyone is requested to let us know their preference which service you would like to pray for, or to opt. out of the Worship Prayer Ministry.  You will continue to pray for a worship service once per quarter and will be reminded of your turn 8 days and 2 days before your turn.

Please click on the link below to indicate your preference.  Then click on the Sign Up button to pray for either the 9:45am or 11am worship service or to opt out of the Worship Prayer ministry.  Then click on the Submit and Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.


If you want to join the Worship Prayer Ministry, you may also select a worship service, and we will include you in the Worship Prayer Ministry next quarter.

Worship Prayer Ministry Overview

WHO - Everyone in our church is invited to participate in a Worship Prayer Ministry (WPM).

WHAT - the WPM ministry will provide ongoing prayer FOR our services DURING our services

WHEN - The ministry will function every Sunday morning all 3 services.

WHERE - a comfortable prayer room has been prepared for this purpose.  Map to Prayer Room in  B-105.  The worship service is streamed into the prayer room for those who desire to pray as they hear our pastor preach.  In the prayer room there is a prayer notebook available for anyone to record answers to prayers.

WHY - Our pastors desired to create this prayer ministry.  Pastors need prayers too.

HOW – The prayer team will organize prayer groups of 2-3 members. Each quarter a list of when each group member will pray will be sent to each team member, and about 8 days before your turn you will receive a SignUpGenius reminder.  If you will RSVP yes or no, that will allow anyone who checks the Worship Prayer website to see if they are needed to pray in the prayer room that Sunday.  If you can find a substitute when you can’t make it, that is greatly appreciated. 

To sign up you can:

1)    Send an email to the Worship prayer team fbcrr.prayerteam@gmail.com , who will reply with an email asking which service you want to pray for.

2)    Or click on the SignUpGenius icon at the top or bottom of this web page.  You can even volunteer to pray for one service just to see how you like it.  The Worship Prayer Team will contact you using the email address you provide.

3)     Or call Nadine Massingill (512-551-9288) who will answer your questions. 

Hey Church Family…We want to share your “God Stories!”

Most of us have experienced God’s grace and love in powerful ways.  Would you be willing to share your experiences for all to be inspired and encouraged by reading them?

First Baptist Church Prayer Team would love to publish how God has moved in your life.  Just send your story to fbcrr.prayerteam@gmail.com.  Please include your name, when the “God Story” happened, and the events that lead you to know that God was at work in your life.  We will take it from there.  As we prepare your story for publication, we will edit it appropriately.  With your submission, please note you are giving the church copyright permission.

We will publish it in the “Prayer Journal of Answered Prayer and God Sightings” in the prayer room, and potentially at a later time on the FBCRR website, and social media.

Thank you very much for considering this great opportunity to reach others through your story.

Rom 8:16 says: The Spirit Himself testifies together with our spirit that we are God’s children.

Pastor Kirk