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Broken Motorbike = “Chance” meeting

 After arriving in Liberia in January, 1986, our plans for the agricultural work began to fall into place by the beginning of the rainy season.  I met Arthur Freeman, local representative of the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture, at a meeting in Robertsport, but did not know where he lived.  On a trip from Monrovia back to our home in Tewor, Betty and I were discussing the need to find this gentleman in order to build a working relationship with him.  As we considered how we would find him, we saw a man on the road ahead, standing beside a motorbike trying to flag us down.  Once again, God’s timing was perfect.  When we stopped to give aid, we discovered that the stranded cyclist was indeed the gentleman we needed to see.  We loaded his motorbike into the back of our pickup and delivered him to his village. He graciously agreed to make several trips around the district with me and introduce me to the people with whom I would work later.  The arrangement worked very well.  I needed to get to know the people and he needed transportation to make his rounds to the villages. 

Cliff H. - 1986