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Kingdoms in Conflict

As time goes on, there seems to be more and more conflict between our Christian worldview and our culture’s worldview. It seems we become more and more diametrically opposed each and every day. Sadly, this is nothing new. The Kingdom of Heaven has been in conflict with the Kingdom of the World since the early days of creation following the Fall. It’s a reality of our existence this side of redemption. In this series through the book of Daniel, we’ll discover how Daniel dealt with two kingdoms in conflict: The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Babylon. There are many parallels with our current crisis, and as we see how Daniel responded, we can respond in a similar way.

King of Thorns

In the Bible, thorns are a symbol of the curse of sin. But since that curse in the garden, God has been redeeming the thorns. When the crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus, it was done in mockery. Little did the Roman soldiers know they were the first to crown the earthly head of the heavenly King. That crown represented the shame and pain of humanity, but that wasn’t the end of the story. God redeemed that crown and turned it to glory. He wants to redeem the thorns in your life as well!

Forward in Faith

Our church has a long history of faithful ministry in Round Rock, TX. What was begun by Baptist missionaries from New York in 1848 is still producing fruit today. But, each generation, from the 19th century, to the 20th century, and now the 21st century needs a fresh vision for how God wants the church to focus in reaching our community and our world. This series shows where we have been, and reveals were we are headed by the year 2030 as, with our new vision, we seek to be A Church Where Every Person In Our City Can Experience New Life In Jesus!

Summer in the Psalms

Each Summer we spend time in the Worship Book of the Bible: The Psalms. The Psalms address every situation we face in life, helping us thrive in seasons of victory and despair. No matter what you are facing, this study will help you see God at work in your life.

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