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Confessions of a Reluctant Reader

My name is Donna McNery Barrick and I confess that I had evolved into
a reluctant adult (senior adult even), reader. As a child, I “lived to read,” but as I grew older, I concluded that I did not have time for reading, except for my participation in Bible study.

I want to encourage you to give reading, especially adults reading this article, another try. I’ve experienced a reawakening of my mind and my heart to reading again! I’ve been changed! I attribute this change to serving on the library team and to cataloguing and helping to choose many new books over the past few years. We have some very worthwhile, exciting, and adventuresome new books in our library and our newest books were chosen with our church audience in mind…so we have books which appeal to all age groups.

How can you check out your church’s library books and read them at no cost? I suggest that you peruse our collection online by going to and selecting “Library” under Adult ministries. There you will find a one click link to OPAC, which allows you to search for books by subject, title, or author and read a short summary of the book. Jot down the title, and drop by the library on any Sunday morning to check out the book.

Right now I am reading these 3 books and I highly recommend each of them to you.
Courageous World Changers; 50 True Stories of Daring Women of God by Redmond
This book has a 1 page biography and then a picture of each heroine. A child would love this book, even if someone else reads it to her. I love this book! Yesterday I read about Ni Kwei-Tseng Soong, Mother of Christian China. I’m looking forward to reading about Bethany Hamilton!

The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School by Cole
This book has 30 chapters, each written by a committed Christian. However, each chapter tells of a true, painful situation during high school where they share how this experience intersected with gospel, biblical teaching. Each chapter ends with scripture and a few questions. I’m on chapter 10 and I hope to give a copy of this book to my 4 grandchildren. I wish I had had this book when I was a teenager to help me focus on the gospel during hard times!

Auschwitz Lullaby by Escobar
I confess that I really love historical fiction! This book is “hard to read” because it takes
place during World War II at a concentration camp. The heroine in this book, a full-blooded
German, is allowed to open a nursery school at Auschwitz, which mostly served the Gypsy
children imprisoned there. She is married to a Gypsy and so her 5 children were taken into custody. She insisted on going with them to Auschwitz. This is a tender, sad, but beautiful story. Why am I reading a sad story….? I decided
that opening up my heart to feel the tender emotions of an imprisoned woman and her 5 Gypsy children would help me to appreciate the enormous sacrifices that brave, servant hearted men and women undergo to show the love of Jesus to hurting people, even when they are also in deep pain.

Why not open up your mind and heart to reading some of the great new books that your church library has purchased? I’d like to challenge you to try reading a new genre of literature or a new author. Fiction is great but doesn’t this title sound worthwhile?…….Doing Life with Your Adult Children; Keep Your Mouth Shut & The Welcome Mat Out! by Burns.

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