Chrissy Thurman

Ministry Assistant to Students & Finance

Chrissy grew up at First Baptist Church and feels blessed with the opportunity to work for the church family she loves so dearly. In fact, she has worked for FBCRR and the First Steps Learning Center in several different capacities since 2006. Chrissy married her husband, David, at FBCRR in 1993, and God has given them three beautiful daughters: Stacy, K’Leigh, and Brianna. Chrissy is thrilled to continue serving God at FBCRR by volunteering in various mission organizations.

Interests: Family! Chrissy is devoted to her family and enjoys staying active with her girls and their activities.

Personal Passions: I love to reach out to and help people in the community to learn about God.

Favorite Place Traveled: The mountains of New Mexico (God has done beautiful work!)

Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian, praise songs, and of course, country music

Favorite Song: How Great Thou Art

Favorite Scripture: Galatians 5:22-26