Have you ever noticed your kids are constantly changing? It seems like every time you turn around their doing something new, and you weren’t quite ready. Every kids goes through phases, and most parent often asks, “Will I be able to keep up?”

PHASES is a resource strategy to help you prepare for the next phases of your child’s life. It will equip you to have relevant spiritual and developmental conversations with your child.

It goes by fast! Our kids change and grow quickly, and each day that passes provides opportunities to lead them to love Jesus. During our PHASES Family Series, you’ll discover how you can make the most out of each phase of your child’s life. You’ll hear insights from God’s Word shared by Pastor Dustin, Tracey Mayo, and Tim Darst, as well as some parents who are in the trenches parenting their own kids through the phases of life. You’ll understand why parenting your kids with an understanding of their current, and upcoming, phase is so vital.

Parent Resource Centers

Our Phases strategy includes our brand new Parent Resource Centers. You can find these in the Children's Ministry hallway and upstairs near the Student Area. We are excited to offer many new resources for parents with kids of all ages. We'll have free resources, like the Phase Guides, which give a brief overview of each phase. You can also find resources for purchase, such as the Phase books, which give much more in depth strategies for each phase, as well as conversation starters and activities you can use with your kids.

We want every parent to win! Every parent means EVERY PERSON WHO IS HOUSING, NURTURING, AND RAISING A KID OR TEENAGER. This includes every grandparent, single parent, guardian, adoptive parent, foster parent, married parent, re-married parent, and parent of kids with special needs.


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