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God’s Amazing Provision

Several years ago, when our son Bob lost his job shortly before Christmas, our family immediately let him know that we would be helping to meet his family’s needs until he found a new job.

With a new two-month old baby and six more children in their family, Bob and his wife Rachel needed plenty of support both financially and emotionally at that time, especially during the approaching Christmas season.

But little did we expect that God planned to show Bob and Rachel His provision for them and their family in a very special and amazing way.

His plan started to unfold When an acquaintance of Rachel heard that Bob had recently lost his job. Without letting Rachel know, she told this to a restaurant owner she knew.

You can just imagine how surprised the family was when this gentleman showed up on their doorstep with a Christmas tree and said another person would bring them all the ornaments for the tree.

Not only that, but he told them he would provide a ham, a turkey and all the trimmings for their Christmas dinner and also gifts for all the children.

But God was not through yet showing His love and mercy for our son and his family. A few days later, a lady showed up with certificates for free haircuts. Our Lord was making sure everything got covered.

Then about a week before Christmas, He moved on the heart of a manager of a professional baseball team. This gentleman came to Bob’s home with a $500 check; and a couple of days later, he and his wife came back! They brought new athletic clothing for Bob and new tennis shoes for Rachel PLUS a $500 Walmart gift card!

Since I recorded all this in my journal at the time, reading and remembering all this has been a true blessing. It has given me the opportunity to offer once again prayers of praise and thanksgiving to our Lord for His love and care manifested in His provision for our family.

It has also given me the chance to ask the Lord again to richly bless all those dear brothers and sisters He used as His hands and feet back then. God is good!

 Rose Mary P. – Several years ago