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God Confirms His Love for Inmates Who Seek Him

I was especially blessed by the God Sighting shared by an inmate in my Discipleship group.  

The son of an inmate in the Faith Based dorm had a clear intervention from You, Lord.  His son had been missing for over a year, and the entire Faith Based dorm group had been praying for him.  They prayed that he was alive, safe, and that the son would come to know You.  The son was arrested in Houston and brought to the same jail where his dad was incarcerated for processing.   He met his dad there, and because church was a place where they could meet, the son started coming to church regularly.  After a period of several weeks he gave his life to Christ in a worship service.  Last Sunday night the speaker at the evening church service stopped the service, pointed to the son, and said something like, "God is going to give you a great blessing."  Two days later (Tuesday) the charges in Houston were gone from his arrest record and he was released.  Both the father and son had a VERY emotional and clearly sincere encounter with You.  

I was sharing this God Sighting with the guys in another dorm where I serve as a building pastor and leading a bible study.   One of the men at the table said, "I was sitting next to the son when the pastor pointed to him and said that."  The man verified that it was a VERY emotional and powerful movement of the Spirit, and that the son had, in fact, been released. 

The prayer of this Dad now is that You, Lord, will work Your will and Your plan to get his son out of the situation that led to his arrest.  He also asks that You will lead him to the mentoring and encouragement he needs to succeed in the Christian life.

LJ S. – Feb 2016