Spring 2024 Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Followers: Getting to Know the Men & Women who Walked with Jesus

During Jesus’s ministry on earth, he was surrounded by men and women who were committed to his message and his mission. They weren’t perfect. They didn’t understand everything. In fact, Jesus described one as “a devil” and at one point called his closest ally “Satan.” Some were uneducated. Some had less than reputable pasts. But, all of them can teach us something about what it means, and what it takes, to also be a Follower.

Dustin Slaton & Larry Stehr, along with a few guest teachers, will co-teach The Followers beginning January 10 at 6:15 in the Parlor, next to the gym. It’s an open study, so even if you miss a week, you can still enjoy the study. Plus, each week will be streamed live, so you can join in remotely, or watch the recording later on.

We hope you’ll join us as we get to know Jesus’s Followers!

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